Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WNS#1 Report

Conditions: Excellent. In fact, it could have been the best trail condition I've ever ridden at Burr Oak. A solid base of gentle rain over the last week helped the ground absorb just enough without it pooling on the surface. Almost surprising that there weren't even any puddles, not to mention no mud. Several guys had sub 20minute laps. My previous best AVG speed was 22km/h on one lap. That was bested on the first lap of the race in a feverish pace following Kevin B. and DJ C. 22.8km/h. Sweet!

My only regret was that I went into this looking at it as a training ride, and I was not expecting much after riding close to 70km yesterday and not getting sufficient sleep, which left me feeling lethargic most of the day at work. Still, a race is a race and you can't help but at least try to giv'r...!!

Turnout was actually quite small, especially considering it was a perfect evening. No wind, nice sunset, coolish temps.

Gordo won the Sport Class. Way to go man! Raphael has moved up to junior expert- probably fitting as he's really stepping it up. I think I was 3rd in expert behind DJ and Kevin B. Tristan and Paul B. pretty much destroyed. (elite)

Great to see Tomek out again on the bike for once! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before i see him streak past me in a blaze of glory...