Monday, May 17, 2010

No Pressure.

I've never been great with pressure in the case of racing... don't exactly know why, but I'm working on it.

Brandon Hills Race Report:

Fun MTB course, lots of flowy singletrack with "surprises". Lots of last year's course run backwards. Some abrupt ups that I had to walk on single speed. Nice fast Skitrail downhill at the end.

After a relatively severe crash during the prelap (ARGGGG) where I road rashed up my arms and knee and broke my helmet, I was feeling a little off, but still good to go.

First lap was fast, the elites were out of site within a short amount of time, but the pace was good. Then it happened. My water bottle cage once again let go of another full bottle (as it did last race) as I bunny-hopped a gully. Crap. Only half a bottle left in my shirt, and i hadn't left any more in the feed zone. Time to buy a different cage. (although it was fine all last year - Axiom BTW)

I began to ride in "conservation mode", attempting to keep my hr down as to avoid heatstroke without liquids. I started riding about as fast as an ant. Passed by several riders. As I trudged out onto the ski trail for the last decent, confident that I was at least secure in my 5th or 6th place, I heard noise in the bush 20 feet behind. I turned around to see Cory S. in Attack position. He was standing and mashing and i was sure he was going to run me right over!

I was pissed. "Show some grit for once" i told myself. I entered an all-out spin. I could only guess that my RPM's were near 200. At the finish i was barely able to clip Cory for the position... "one more lap!" he said in passing, he was right. he would have kicked my butt.

Anyways, Great race to everyone! Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers and to Greg S. for picking me up in the morning.


Coach Dave said...

Good job! Warm up lap is to 'prevent' crashing ;) Ask me and I will show you how to prevent the bottle hop or buy a new one. I am still looking over my shoulder for you :) See ya at Back 40. We will put in the miles at Birch on Sat (int) Sun (LR).

Anonymous said...

Axiom cages are crap, thanks for coming.

cory smith said...

When you looked back and saw me you rode like you thought i was going to kill you or something.All i wanted to do was talk.Good job out there man!

JP said...

Dave- What's your remedy for bottle hop? Greg says stay away from axiom- i definitely will. The weird thing is that I used that cage all last year with no issues, now its two races in a row...

Happy Birch-ing!

Cory- I seriously thought you were going to ride right over me and make me into a pancake... you weren't exactly out for a Sunday stroll:) You know how it feels when you're just tired of bodies passing you like you're standing still... i had a grudge against ALL at that point! SOrry for missing the conversation!

Lincoln Wiebe said...

As an impartial observer, I attest that the tall guy on the black singlespeed was also riding like he was about to murder someone in the final 200 meters. Great finish!

JP said...

Thanks Lincoln! Are you heading out to the Back40?

Lincoln Wiebe said...

I'll be there volunteering - kids area. Any good ideas you'd like to see? I think you have kids.(?)
Should be a great day.