Thursday, May 17, 2012

Red Foxes and Quick (international) Parts Orders

OK- so these are totally unrelated, but one lead to another. First off- I placed an order at Jenson USA the day before yesterday for some much-needed bike parts including a replacement cassette (current cassette is skipping like crazy). I called around locally first and the general consensus was that I would not have a new cassette Within 1.5 weeks, thus not in time for Spring Ride or MTB cup2 at Sandilands. Hmmmm... what to do. surely online shopping from a US store would take just as long? Especially since the only listed international shipping method was USPS... The checkout cart Slated May23rd as the estimated date. This was 1 day in advance of me really needing it. I took the gamble and bought the parts. Result? The box arrived this afternoon. Seriously!! 1.5 days after the order the box was at my door??? Even Fed-Ex Express would be hard pressed (and expensive) to deliver a 1.5X1.5X1.5 box in that time... Wow. Very impressed. However, it leaves me thinking about the state of the postal industry... After installing my new cassette and chain on the MTB, I took the kids to Kids of Mud at Garbage hill. Tested the cassette on some uphills- total improvement. Then, later, I was out for a short night ride at Kilcona Park and i found myself chasing around a large red fox. A very smooth runner with a huge puffy tail that must have been 1.5 feet long. Sweet. Love seeing wildlife while out on the MTB!