Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like cyclocross!

You can tell you've been racing by the mud, by the mud, you can tell that you've been racing by the mud. Yup. It's cyclocross season again (already half over) and every week represents the cycles of pain, triumph, failure, recovery, anticipation, elation, camaraderie, celebration, and socialization. This is my third season racing and I have to admit I find myself looking forward to it all year. When you think about it, the Manitoba season of 8 races amounts to just over 8 hours of actual racing... a far cry from the amount of time I spent mountain bike racing this summer (some events well over 8 hours). However there is something different about the cyclocross season, and the the time spent with friends and family both before and after the races, as well as during event planning, course setup/tear down, is just as awesome (if not more) than the racing itself. What a party. Everybody seems a little more relaxed now that the summer is winding down- maybe that's one thing I love so much about fall- and cyclocross. The pain is a small price to pay for such good times!

Last 2 Photos: Stefan Isfeld