Sunday, August 29, 2010

MTB Provincials Report

First off, just want to congratulate all the organizers and volunteers on a FANTASTICALLY run event!

Everything was top-notch. Given that there was an absolute downpour in the morning, the extra time needed to prepare the course was understandable.

Here were my highlights:
-good friends, good times!
-a sweet new course layout with new trails (one of the best marked courses I've raced)
-if this had been any other course, the rain would have made it a mucky nightmare. Thanks Sand!!
-well attended- good competition in most categories (Mine was great!)
-yummy food
-nice MB Bison medals!

I had a decent race. I wanted to leave it all out on the course- although that was hindered by calf cramping which I experienced for the last 1.5 laps. Definitely dehydrated. I also often wonder if I have more to spend... just have to find ways to tap that. I guess I still have time to learn. I threw my back out after the 24hours of Falcon and never really got back into the rhythm of training... but i did get some great enjoyable rides in in Canmore in early August. Still, great competition from SteveH, KevinB, and NathanW. Kevin broke his chain part way through the second lap which was unfortunate as we had a real tight race going. It's always unfortunate to have a Mechanical when you're rocking. (you looked FAST on that 29er Kevin!) Good times. Looked like GregS and DylanH had a real sprint going on over in Elite- way to go you guys! Rob looked stellar as well!