Monday, October 18, 2010

School of Cross

I've been sent back to school. But unlike High School I'm actually having a blast. A definite re-introduction to pain. I've been getting pretty used to longer events and these races are so intense that it's a real shot to the system. At least the dis/remount practice at the local garbage hill has slightly paid off as I have so far avoided sacking myself during a cross race. I try to save those great times for Tuesday night rides! Can't believe I didn't get into this sooner. What a great time this last weekend!! Great friends, good times!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night Time Cyclovia

MMMMM.... 35km of brand spanking new asphalt- freshly painted lines, freshly washed- Pretty Darn smooth!! Ok so the renovation of the TC's westbound lane from St. Anne to Deacons corner may be frustrating for cars, but it made for a pretty epic (and safe) road ride last night. Open highway with a slight tailwind... NO CARS!