Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer "Approaches"!!!

More of that darned white stuff. OK, fess up. WHO ORDERED THIS?

If it was me, I appologize... I've been trying to think of what I might have done to jinx the weather.

1. Put slicks on my cross bike.
2. Got my Niner ready to rock the trails.
3. Said "this is nice weather finally!"
4. Put away the winter-option clothing.
5. Decided to head out to BHP to see if all the snow is gone.
6. Decided NOT to bike to work today??
7. Put Parmesan on my pizza.
8. Bought my MCA License and registered for Bruxelles.

OK... I'm digging...

See y'alls on the WET gravel on sunday!


Coach Dave said...

#8! Your guilty as charged. Rip it up on Sunday.

VikingSteve said...

I confess, it is me. If maybe we stay cold enough and snow's enough I am hoping that the Brandon cup race gets postponed as I am unable to attend on May 1st. They "man" would not let me out of work.

JP said...

Gotta make it to GB Steve! Call in "sick" of not racing??!

VikingSteve said...

GB should be okay if I decide to do it. I was going to try to get out for more Sundays this year but my heart is just not in it right now. So I may not race until June again this year. Which worked ok last year.