Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Falcon Lake Race damage inventory?

So I've been to the various LBS(s) recently trying to round up all the parts I need to bring my bike back to life after the beating it took in last week's race at Falcon Lake. I hear that a lot of folks have had serious breakdown issues... lots of trips to the LBS, anyone care to share their damage inventory?

Here's Mine.
-seized bottom bracket. Looked for new bearings, ended up replacing.
-disk brake pads (front). Worn down to the calipers. Replaced.
-seized rear hub. Disassembled. Looked for new bearings. They are on order.
-seized chain tensioner bearings. Replaced.
-sad and unhappy Eggbeater SL's. Disassembled, removed corrosion, reassembled.

A good amount of work, but I'm a better bike mechanic because of it!


Coach Dave said...

I am going to look at the bike today. Is that too late? I think the bb is trashed... I will just grind it out anyway... stem is gonna have to go :(... eggs will be corroded of course because they suck and I will ride them until the break then go to 11s or XTR... headset? I will take a look when I put a different stem on. Wish me luck... more rain for BFA


cory smith said...

BB relaced and bent dropout,so far.

RK said...

Washed my bike at the car wash, set me back about 2 bux.

JP said...

Nice RK. Actually, although my bike cost me already about $120 this week.. i did at least wash it for FREE. HA! There!

Coach Dave said...

I replaced the stem, bar, and some bolts but ass for the bb i said "this is ridiculous... Fu** it". I will just ride it until the balls rust out. It sound pretty bad right now so it will not be long.