Tuesday, October 20, 2009

8 hours of Spruce Woods

Gord and I headed out for his final training ride prior to attempting the Maa Daa Hey trail (100miles) on November 7th weather permitting. We got a bit of a late start and were attempting to get in 120km. The trail is bumpy and meadow-ish, no long sustained flats, just lots of little ups and downs. Great training for MDH. Temp was 8 degrees with high humidity and a light north wind. We started our third and last 40km out-and-back lap at 5:20pm and new we'd be fighting the light, especially given the cloud cover. As we reached the 1/2 way point, it was almost dark, and we ended up in pitch black conditions for the last 1.2 hours, luckily Gord had his trusty MEC turtle light to illuminate a few blades of grass in front of his bike.... turned into a mild adventure! Good times! Completed: 121.4 kms, time on bike 8:14. Not fast, but a consistent pace.


Anonymous said...


Shoulda called me, I'd have been in for this... And e-mail me sometime and let me know where you got yer niner! One of my buds is looking for a 29 for next year.


z said...

Sherwin, I told you about this in email. You said you thought spruce woods was boring...


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, that was a while ago though, no?

I thought this was just a week ago ?... I would have been ready for a few laps of more boring stuff.. not 4 laps, but a few.

I do still think it's boring, but so is road, and I ride it often. (depends where my puny brain is). Maybe one of these times we will hook up. - good luck down south!! Weather looks good for next weekend!