Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birch MTB cup #4 "At The Floodgates"

Photo: Jonathan Thomson Photo: Jonathan Thomson

Roosters Present: Myself, Vanessa, and Olli.

It was hot. The conditions were perfect. Clouds were hanging low, but no precipitation. During my prelap with Olli, I said "I don't understand this weather... It should start raining any second now". As I finished my sentence, it began to pour. A literal deluge. After the lightning we raced. It was GREASE. It was LONG. Over 2:20 for an XC race. However it was fun for some of us. I've never spent so much time unclipped. I've never had so many opportunities to practice my tripod. I've never spent so long cleaning my bike (Sorry Cross... you loose to this one...). Good times were definitely had! Great atmosphere and nice folks.


Broken Eggs.... Jonny this one's for you. Broken Eggs.... Jonny this one's for you.

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